Bug 13039

Summary: Add-on WIO has minor layout bugs
Product: IPFire Reporter: SecCon <dev>
Component: ---Assignee: Adolf Belka <adolf.belka>
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact:
Severity: Minor Usability    
Priority: - Unknown - CC: adolf.belka, peter.mueller
Version: 2   
Hardware: all   
OS: All   
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Description SecCon 2023-02-19 09:56:16 UTC
wio.cgi has some minor layout issues in the "add client" section where text and input fields are not aligned clearly.
Comment 1 SecCon 2023-02-19 14:45:01 UTC
Created attachment 1138 [details]
Desriptive image
Comment 2 Adolf Belka 2023-02-19 18:34:21 UTC
I have had a look at the wio page on the two browsers that I use, SeaMonkey and Firefox.

The default setting that I use of 100% zoom did not show the effect that @SecCon highlighted.

I then tried modifying the zoom value.

On Firefox changing the zoom form 100% down to the min value of30% or up to the max value of 500% did not show the effect. All input boxes stayed within the WUI window frame limits.

On SeaMonkey changing from 100% to the first lower zoom value or the first higher zoom value caused the Remark: box to go outside the WUI window frame limits as @SecCon found.

This indicates that the effect is dependent on the browser used and the settings used in that browser.

Looking at the WUI page for the dhcp server the section Current Fixed Leases has three boxes in a row and with these, changing the zoom value for either Firefox or SeaMonkey did not result in the problem.
This suggests that the format for the dhcp page is the better approach. There are small differences between the two formats although it is not clear to me why the differences would give this problem.

It would be good to know which browser is being used by @SecCon when the problem is seen and what zoom settings are being used. Depending on what is being used I can then confirm that I can reproduce the effect with the same settings.

I will test out the dhcp approach on the wio wui page with my SeaMonkey browser to see if the effect is stopped from happening.
Comment 3 SecCon 2023-02-20 07:03:01 UTC
In response to the comment about browser and zoom, I can add that I use Vivaldi, that is a Chrome based browser. Zoom is set to 100%.

That will give the layout issue.

However, testing with other Chrome based browser, like Edge and Chrome, will not reproduce the issue at no zoom level, tried 70% - 130%.

Based on that, I think we can close this bug report.
Comment 4 Adolf Belka 2023-02-20 09:42:14 UTC
I installed Vivaldi on my Arch Linux system but the input boxes stayed the same size ratio to the WIO WUI window at whatever zoom I tried and never went outside.

So I wasn't able to reproduce with Vivaldi or with Firefox.

However I was able to reproduce with SeaMonkey with the WIO Remark: input box going outside the WUI window. At the same time a similar set of boxes in the DHCP WUI page did not show the effect.

Therefore I think it is still worth looking at fixing the code to make the WIO input boxes similar in code structure as the input boxes used on other WUI pages which should make hopefully them operate the same in any browser then.

I will be able to test out the fix with my SeaMonkey browser and at that point you can then test out the code adjustments I will have made on your Vivaldi system to confirm that they also work for you.
Comment 8 Adolf Belka 2023-03-21 22:11:11 UTC
Have tested this with CU174 Testing on my vm testbed and can confirm that the input box now stays linked in size with the overall table and does not end up overlapping outsi9de of the overall table.

This verifies that the bug has been fixed.