Bug 10699

Summary: Xbox 360 / One Connectivity issue with miniupnpd 1.8-1
Product: IPFire Reporter: phane7
Component: ---Assignee: Michael Tremer <michael.tremer>
Severity: Balancing    
Priority: - Unknown - CC: michael.tremer
Version: 2   
Hardware: i686   
OS: Unspecified   
Attachments: Log of debug output
TCPDUMP of failed connection tests

Description phane7 2014-12-12 02:11:41 UTC
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Some of us have run into Xbox Live issues with the current version of miniupnpd.  Updating the version available in pakfire to a more current build might help.
Comment 1 phane7 2014-12-27 04:33:47 UTC
New version didn't solve the problem when I ran one I built myself.
Comment 2 Michael Tremer 2015-01-03 16:25:46 UTC
Can you confirm that updating miniupnpd to version 1.9 fixes the issue with the XBox Live network entirely? I do not own an XBox to check this...

Comment 3 phane7 2015-01-03 17:56:06 UTC
I tried it compiling 1.9.20141209 on my own.  That didn't resolve the issue.  As a workaround, I modified miniupnpd.conf to deny the 360's IP and deny any other devices access to the ports the 360 wants.  I then set up manual port forwarding to the 360 and it seems to work without issue.

I don't know what the cause of the bug is, or whether it is a 360 issue or an IP Fire one.  MS has been completely unhelpful and refused to escalate the issue beyond tier 1.

I'll try the version on GIT when I have time (most likely Monday) to see if it behaves any differently.
Comment 4 Michael Tremer 2015-01-03 18:04:02 UTC
(In reply to phane7 from comment #3)
> I'll try the version on GIT when I have time (most likely Monday) to see if
> it behaves any differently.

Great. Please get back to me if you need any help. I hope we can fix this bug soon.
Comment 5 phane7 2015-01-03 21:35:08 UTC
Can you explain to me how to use the git link?  I know I could clone it in my dev build and repeat the build process (taking hours) but is there an easier way to do it directly in my non-dev IP Fire box?
Comment 6 phane7 2015-01-03 21:49:11 UTC
Disregard last, I see the changes are to the LFS file which would mean I need to recompile on my VM.  I'll see if it does any good later.
Comment 7 phane7 2015-01-03 22:47:01 UTC
Created attachment 246 [details]
Log of debug output

Log of debug output from miniupnpd 1.9-2 during "Test Xbox Live Connection".

The IP with .60 is my cellphone, forgot to switch off wifi during the tests but didn't know which entries were total garbage.  .15 is the Xbox 360.
Comment 8 phane7 2015-01-03 22:50:33 UTC
Tried and it succeeded on the first connection test (as usual) and then failed.  Attached the log of -d output around the time I was performing the tests.  I forgot to mention, The IP ending in .19 is a PS3 and .30 is the gaming PC that I was SSH'ing from.
Comment 9 Michael Tremer 2015-01-04 13:09:47 UTC
Can you give some more context about what actually fails? The log doesn't show anything useful and it rather looks like as if the XBox does not talk to the miniupnp daemon at all.

You can use tcpdump to capture packets.
Comment 10 phane7 2015-01-04 21:04:40 UTC
Created attachment 247 [details]
TCPDUMP of failed connection tests

Ran a TCPDUMP during three connection tests.  I tried to unplug as many devices as possible during the test to keep the garbage level to a minimum.  The first test failed during the Xbox Live step, the other two failed at Internet.  I couldn't get a test to succeed through UPnP this time, although I'm not sure if the dump from a successful connection test would tell you much.
Comment 11 Michael Tremer 2016-01-05 19:17:39 UTC
Reopen if this is still an issue.